Gingko, Life and Nozick

gingko (4)Living close to your workplace has a couple of advantages. One, you are not dependant on public transport so that being five minutes late results in just being five minutes late instead of half an hour. And getting up early really gets you to work early..

The other thing is the walking. Walking to work gets you awake and thinking about the day, and walking away from work helps to psychologically walk away from it as well. But best of all are the amazing pretty little things you get to see. The little surprises he day has lying around for you.

gingko (2)gingkogingko (7)

Like this morning.. I spotted a beautiful Gingko tree in full autumn garb.. And the leaves scattered around it contrasted so beautifully with the asphalt it just made me stop and stare.

First I tried to capture the abundance of the tree and couldn’t quite get it. Then I tried for the play of light on the leaves and didn’t quite manage. Finally, as I was about to walk away I snapped a quick one.


I’m sure there is some profound message in that. Something about using the smallest and simplest to express the greatest beauty. Or maybe something about opportunity or getting exactly what you wanted in an afterthought just as you are about to walk away. Or not realising what you want until you get it by chance.

And this reminds me of the thought experiment of  Nozick’s experience machine. I couldn’t have imagined I wanted this, if I had to describe it I would not have described the picture above. Yet it feels like it is exactly what I wanted. This would not have been possible in the experience machine..

I know there is much more to the thought experiment than just the realisation that people generally don’t know what they want, but it’s a nice feeling to have one’s philosophical engines revved up by a leaf on the ground.

I guess Gingko really does stimulate your brain..

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