Pie.. is it ever a good idea?

Today I did the thing Terry Pratchett warns against in ‘The Last Continent’ I had a local dish… Although it is not technically local. As I understand it savory pies are traditionally English and came with the settlers. Which is probably just as well.

Shots of the Vivid festival..

Anyway.. I was slightly hung over and returning from watching the Vivid Festival and my friend suggested we get a snack at a pie shop, which in a bout of originality and humorousness is called ‘pieface’.

pie (1) 
And the pies do make faces at you..

So I decided to go wild and order a mince pie. Just because I really couldn’t imagine what that would be like. I took it home on the train with trepidation and vague memories of Pratchetts description of the meat pie floater (which, hey.. does exist)  and one of my favorite web clips, which happened to be about pie

Finally, at home, I stared at it for a bit and then slayed it.  It did not look like anything I expected..

pie (2)

Surprisingly it did not taste as horrific as it looked. It is probably even a great deal better than most Dutch snacks. Although as far as easy-to-eat snacks go.. this is not one. Why.. why woould anyone come up with something like this. Imagine if the contents were actually hot!

Anyway. It was an experience. Much like Vivid (which was gorgeous) and finding this poster on all the lampposts around the train station.


What a world..

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