My boys are back

Caught my favourite band on Facebook saying:


OMG – Gearing right into full-on fangirl mode. My band.. here?? Ieeeeeeeh!

But then  I have been more MB20 preoccupied lately because their newest single came out a couple of days ago and I have been listening to it pretty much non stop.

It’s not a MB20 song like the ones I’m used to though. On the one hand it’s kind of hard to accept the direction the route they’ve taken with this, but then it was to be expected after ‘Street Corner Symphony’ and ‘I’ll believe you when’.

I think this comment by a fan describes my feelings best..


It’s true! It has the chords to ‘45’, the Ke$ha bad girl feel and the ‘Uptown Girl’ beat and pronunciation of ‘girl’ Smile But I agree that Rob can sing me pretty much anything and I will love it regardless.

But I’m glad ‘my boys’ are back with a new album, and All I can hope is that they do their Sydney concert (because they are kicking off their tour in Australia!) before the 15th of September. Please Rob? Pleeease?

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