Born this way

two batmen, one robin and an indecisiveSome things you just never forget. When I was little, I woke up one day and decided I would be batman. My parents, as was their amazing habit, just rolled with it and provided me with an outfit. I proceeded to eat my breakfast porridge and then went out to my friend’s house to announce to him my decisions for the day.

He, unruffled by my transformation, decided that he too should be batman. Automatically demoting his younger brother to Robin (because it would be absurd to have two batmen in the same family, obviously).

I’m not sure what we did after that. I assume we would just play the way we usually did. (With this particular friend play was never really ordinary. I remember building a ‘rocket’ with him, writing a play and having several other unusual adventures.)

At supanova last weekend I was reminded of how wonderful it is to be surrounded by people with whom you share a way of thinking as naturally as you share a street. I had never been to anything like it and just reveled in the costumes, the atmosphere and the enthusiasm.

Batman eet zijn papsupanova (5)
And I got my picture taken with my doppelganger.

When I showed my dad the picture I had taken with the black knight he sent me the picture of five year old me in my costume with the comment: ‘He must have eaten a lot of porridge, I told you that porridge makes you big and strong’.

I really should have listened..

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  1. hens says:

    I like this story.

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