Manly is beautiful..


It is a wonderful thing when you are having a Very Grumpy weekend, and you get to experience the sunset in Manly (technically Shelley beach). The colours here have not ceased to delight and amaze me. The bright blues of the late afternoon, the gold of the sunset and the hazy peach an purple of the evening setting in.

what is that speck?yes that is a dudeI find it so hard to capture the wondrousness of it all (also, the 3G does not have a great camera on it.. I should really replace my phone). Like this dude, paddle boarding all by himself on that big sea. With my atrocious camera, I just get the suggestion of a man on the sea. Enlarging a cropout just makes the man more hazy.

Man.. Sometimes I wish I was on CSI..

Anyway.. standing there, overlooking the waves, listening to the evening calls of the rainbow lorikeets I had this huge feeling of being precisely.. precisely where I need to be. I’m really not sure why, but it is a rare and very good feeling to have..

So yay for Sydney, and a extra yay for Manly beach..

sunset manlystatues

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