Sunday Walks..

bench water (1)

I have a thing with benches,

For some reason they always inspire me. They offer the promise of a quiet moment spent in thought or simply being. I photographed a lot of benches over the years but I’m rather happy with this picture (although I think this one is still my best one ever).

Taken on a wonderful, slightly stormy Barrenjoey walk.

IMG_2754two seaspath lagoon

Pretty nifty eh? There is a smuggler’s path, an old highway, sea on both sides, a lagoon…There is even a spot at the lighthouse where you can watch for whales! (not that I saw any of course).

That reminds me, I really should go whale watching sometime soon before the blubbery buggers head off to cooler places..

bench sea night

My last bench of the day was a lamppost-lit one overlooking a stormy sea. I couldn’t quite capture the still and solid beauty of it. But I couldn’t resist posting the picture anyway.

Gosh, I keep being amazed at what being close to the sea does to me. It makes me feel free and at home at the same time. It makes me feel both emotional and light. It’s.. indescribable..

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