I’m a bit of everything really. Born in a small town in Holland, grew up on Aruba, moved back to Holland when I was 18, moved around a bit there. Studied Biology, did some research in immunology, chronobiology and finally got hooked on behavioral physiology. Which means: BRAAAINS!

Yay brains! (insert zombie reference here)

Right now, I’m doing a PhD project on Central control of the Cardiovascular system at ASAM, part of Macquarie University in Sydney. I’m learning lots of new stuff and loving Australia!

When I have the time.. I’m teaching myself new stuff and indulging in my other hobbies and interests. These involve, but are not limited to: music (writing, singing, playing), horses (tending, riding, occasional training), cooking (not the horses though),  scuba diving (watch out sharks!), comedy and hey.. writing!

Bet you didn’t see that coming..

So, enjoy my blog. I do try to be entertaining and regular in my updating. Comments are always appreciated en often replied to, so do your worst!


3 Responses to About

  1. mieke says:

    Misschien je about-pagina eens ‘echt’ maken? Just a suggestion 🙂

  2. josienie says:

    oops.. Right away M’am!

  3. josienie says:

    There.. beter zo?

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